About Us

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Acharya tutorial is a new start-up which aims to cater to the needs of the society thereby making a positive contribution towards the growth of our country by generating employment & providing education to its people.
Education in today’s world is drifting towards generalization. Over the decades, classroom teaching has taken such precedence that most of the pedagogy and teaching is done in a ‘one size fits all’ manner. We believe that it is not much effective and should change so as to fulfil the needs of the society and be easily accessible.
At Acharya Tutorials, we make sure that our student gets a tuition/class near his/her home. There will be a chain of Acharya Institutes which will be located everywhere in a student’s area where he/she stays and can be reached by such student within 5 to 10 minutes. The main motto of Acharya Tutorials is the satisfaction of the parents by providing multiple choices of tuition for their child in their own vicinity.
Acharya Tutorials will further provide parents with an option to provide substitute teacher, if they are not satisfied with the existing teacher.
Acharya tutorials is conceptualized to bring the concept of personalization into education. We imagine a world where a student will be at the centre of learning again, where a teacher will teach according to the need, pace and level of a student, where learning graduates from one-to-many to 1-to-1.
Hence, with this vision, we have defined our purpose of existence. Acharya tutorials aims to create a world of learning which is personalized and strives to serve the society with its services.


Equipped with digital amenities and smart class facilities.

Well qualified and experienced staff with effective presentation skills.

Centered on Student’s overall personality development.


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